About Me

Why choose me

Over a decade ago I got my first dog as an adult to care for myself. Although I had a lot of experience taking care of family and friends’ dogs, this dog was entirely my responsibility. He struggled with fear based human reactivity and dog reactivity and I needed to figure out how to help him. During this time I was in college, taking courses on learning theory, psychology, brain chemistry, behavioural therapy and without realizing, I was using the techniques I learned in school to help my dog and it worked. My confidence was high so I started fostering difficult dogs and by 2013, I was training dogs professionally as the co-owner of a successful training company. I made a commitment to learn as much as I could and get as much experience as possible.

I have trained dogs in 4 countries and I have worked with dozens of shelters and rescues to train and educate their staff and volunteers. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from canine experts, world competitors, coaches and industry elite. Most importantly, I continue to learn from as many people and dogs as I can while maintaining my values. I’ve trained hundreds of dogs, most breeds and a spectrum of behaviour which gives me the experience needed to make impactful, lasting changes to all kinds of unwanted behaviour.