Board and Train

Board and Train for Unwanted Behaviour

The board and train for unwanted behaviour is an all inclusive package aimed at addressing the emotional cause for unwanted behaviour. It’s not enough to just expect your dog to behave differently if they don’t also feel differently. I use a combination of relationship building, advocacy, conditioning and effective communication to make lasting changes to unwanted behaviour.  Whether your dog is displaying fear, aggression, reactivity, anxiety, resource guarding or nuisance barking; understanding why they choose that behaviour is essential to getting them to change it.

 As important as the boarding period is, the aftercare is more important for lasting changes. We need to make sure that what we communicate to our dogs is being received as we intend and that’s where you come in.

When I return your dog, I’ll teach you the skills you’ll need to make these changes last. The period of time I recommend for the board and train is determined by the emotional involvement in the unwanted behaviour, the severity of the behaviour and the training goals. Your dog will be sent home with all of the tools I used in training so the transition is seamless. As effective as this process is, life happens and things change but my goal is always to make sure you’re successful. I offer unlimited support after training to make sure you’re successful. Sometimes, it’s just a reminder of the recommended boundaries and exercises; sometimes, it’s the addition of new boundaries and exercises. As long as you’re committed to working towards these changes, so am I.