Client Reviews

Amanda Chevrier

Jess is an amazing trainer ! I foster a lot of challenging dogs that present all sorts of behavorial issues – from intense fear  – being too afraid to leave my house all the way to  leash reactivity – lunging at other dogs or people while on walks. Jess is the trainer I reach out to when I need guidance on the best training approaches to help these rescue dogs feel better, build confidence and be all around good dogs that are ready for adoption! Highly recommend you connect with Jess for help with your own dog ! Stephen – located in Toronto


Jesica is an wonderful trainer and I would trust her with my dogs. Her knowledge and care for the dogs is top notch. Her honesty and integrity is hard to find coupled with the fact that she is hard working and strives for the best behavioral outcomes because she truly cares for and loves the dogs. She does neuro stimulation with her pups, she exposes them to lots of new things, and the best diet for her amazing balls of fire. I’m so happy to have had the chance to work with her. She’s a solid human being. ❤️

Crystal Wakeman

Great trainer who can understand and explain dog behavior simply. Very versatile and can train all breeds. She goes above and beyond for her clients and the dogs under her care. Her malinois breeding program is excellent, committed to producing healthy and sound puppies for work or sport.

Keith Salas

“After hearing so much fantastic feedback from friends and acquaintances about Jessica’s Training, she was the first person I called when a rescue friend was desperately looking for a board and train option for a strong power breed dog who seemingly developed human aggression. I called Jessica and she was quick to answer and get the ball rolling. She had made a game plan not just for his board and train period but also support that follows the board and train to ensure the dog and his people would be successful on-going.  E fee was fantastic for the service that was offered and it sounds like the dog has been successful in her program   ❤️”

Amber Remedios

“Jessica has a very deep understating of canine behavior and the joining of training to the owner. A trainer training a dog is only part of the equation. If an owner doesn’t have the tools and the network to succeed when they take the leash back, training is wasted. Jessica has a very unique way of building that relationship of success with, not only the dog, but between the dog and owner. “

Kendal Boren

“ Jessica is an amazing trainer.  She helped us with a very strong Malinois.  Not only did Jessica provide guidance on techniques to use, she explained dog behavior in a way that was easy to understand and made it clear to us how we needed to train our dog.  Jessica’s vast experience with all breeds and temperaments was awesome to tap into.  We strongly recommend her for all things dog and puppy! ”

Rich Hartman