Seminars and Events

Welping and Puppy Foundation

The whelping and puppy foundation seminar is geared towards educating rescues, shelters and volunteers that take on pregnant dogs. Very few people have first hand experience with this process and there is an overwhelming amount of inaccurate and potentially dangerous information out there.  This seminar will cover the gestation period, the 3 stages of labor, whelping, puppy foundation and the tools that are essential for this process. For more information please contact:

Sport Foundation

The sport foundation seminar goes beyond training techniques and addresses the fundamentals of how dogs learn.  What we intend to communicate and what the dog perceives doesn’t always align and that causes a disconnect in training.  By understanding how dogs learn, you can apply virtually any training techniques, effectively, to teach the desired behaviours to your dog sport.  This seminar covers learning theory, problem solving and the importance of meaningful relationships with your sport dogs.  For more information please contact: